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Quality UK Manufactured Products

fmcg represents excellent quality and value for money products.

Our focus is on delivering quality goods to the consumer while being committed to using resources responsibly and having a high regard for our future generations.

Certificate of Quality Assurance

fmcg undertakes to provide goods for sale that are safe, fit for their purpose and represent exceptional value. This is achieved through the application of quality management systems in partnership with suppliers through internal review procedures, to ensure consistent quality of products. All products produced are traceable through date of manufacture. We have full batch tracking of all raw materials and PIF files recorded containing:

  • Certificate of Formulation
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Quality Standards and Methods of Quality Control
  • Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013
  • Safety Assessments
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Strict manufacturing procedures conform to the agreed charter set by fmcg and agreed with all suppliers of fmcg products.

fmcg are pleased to certify that all products made for our company and registered in our name are produced in accordance with the Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013 and are regularly audited under the guidance of good manufacturing practice.

Certificate of Health & Hygiene

fmcg are pleased to certify to the best of our knowledge and belief that all products made for our company and registered in the company name do not contain any poisonous substances or materials with a special biological effect, enzymes, hormones, body tissue, bone or their extracts.

Only quality raw materials used in the manufacture of our products. To the best of our knowledge and belief they are compliant with United Kingdom Law, implementing relevant E.E.C. regulations governing the use of the substances concerned.

fmcg can certify that to the best of our knowledge and belief, providing our products are used correctly for their intended purpose, they offer the level of safety required and do not present a risk to health in regular use. All products have been produced in accordance with the Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013 and all packaging contains the list of allergens known within the product.

Animal Testing Policy Statement

The policy of our Company is not to use ingredients or finished products, which have been tested on animals since 1998. The term animal is defined by the 1986 Animals (scientific procedures) Act U.K. All our suppliers are required to comply with this policy and confirm that all materials used in fmcg products have not been tested on animals after this date. Any ingredients, which do not comply with fmcg policy, will not be used in our products.

All finished products are manufactured under strict quality control testing procedures and follow the guidelines in accordance with the current Health & Safety Legislation with only human volunteers. Our finished products are never tested on animals.

Environmental Issues

fmcg are continually looking at methods of minimising unnecessary packaging and waste, working together with both suppliers and customers to reduce carbon footprints.

fmcg's manufacturing sites all employ local people offering excellent community support.